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Harrah’s Entertainment is giving gamblers a once-in-a-lifetime chance of finding hidden treasure. The company has hidden a chest with a prize containing $1 million as part of its third Treasure Hunt promotion. The hunt will take place in Harrah’s various participating properties, including Bally’s Hotel & Casino, Caesars Palace Hotel & Casino, Flamingo, Harrah’s Las Vegas, Paris Casino, and Rio Casino.

According to the press release, “select customers who have won trips to Las Vegas in the property themed promotions will track down a series of treasure chests containing clues that will be scattered throughout the Strip at six Harrah’s-operated casinos.”

This is the third time Harrah’s Entertainment is holding such an event, but the first time it is held at casinos on the Vegas strip. Previous years’ hunts took place in the Nevada desert.

Ginny Shanks, senior vice president of brand management for Harrah’s, was quoted as saying that “[the] Treasure Hunt has been a customer favorite ever since we introduced it five years ago. Our customers love all things Vegas, so we’re thrilled to be bringing back this one-of-a-kind event right here on the famed Las Vegas Strip, incorporating stops at six Harrah’s [casinos]. There’s no question in my mind that this year’s Treasure Hunt will be the best yet.”

The $1 million prize award can be received as an annuity $50,000 for the next two decades, or as a discounted lump sum.

Player X, a mobile game publisher for punters in the United Kingdom, will be helping launch a mobile casino together with its newfound partner, mobile gaming service provider Probability Games. When the mobile casino debuts, O2 I-mode customers in the UK will get to play casino games including roulette and blackjack. Bingo fans will also luck out, with mobile bingo games, complete with progressive jackpots to cellular telephones.

Punters will have to register and make an initial deposit in order to play, although some games require as little as 10p to play. Deposits are made using Probability’s mobile payment service, the cheekily-named “Cashish.”

Although the two companies are starting out in the UK, they have plans for going west with their mobile casino venture. Accordingly, similar mobile casino services can be expected to launch in continental Europe and Asia.

No one could have anticipated that George MacDonald’s birthday celebration in 2004 would be his last night out. MacDonald began the evening with friends in a Piccadilly restaurant in London, after which he left for a Mayfair casino with four of his friends. After a bit of gambling and drinking, the group left the casino and decided to visit Stringfellows, a London strip club.

Apparently, MacDonald had a little too much to drink for his own good. After pulling one of the exotic dancers towards him during a lap dance, he was asked to leave the club. MacDonald was escorted by two giant bouncers and one former boxing champion, the latter of whom at some point allegedly smashed MacDonald’s jawbone and let him fall onto the pavement. His skull was fractured and he died.

Marcus Marriott, better known as “Marcus Lee” from his boxing days, when he was remembered for his many casino matches, is currently charged with murder and manslaughter, both of which he denies, claiming that MacDonald threatened him on the way out.

Blackpool and Fylde College, UK, has constructed its own casino training program. Starting next month, students over the age of 18 will be able to take gaming courses ranging from General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) to degree foundation courses. The training classes will be held in a casino designed by the college for this purpose.

Students will get the opportunity to learn all casino games, such as roulette, blackjack and poker, and receive training to be dealers, croupiers and slot machine engineers. Blackpool Council hopes that the government will grant its new resort a super casino license, and the casino classes highlight Blackpool’s desire to be on the forefront of the UK gaming industry. The educational project is backed by Gala Casinos.

Cambridge, UK (PRWEB) May 1, 2006 — Calling all poker fans. To mark the relaunch of Dice2Mice, the online games magazine as the «Ultimate games magazine» the new and dramatically improved will feature a new poker tip – each and every day in May.

There will be tips to improve your play, to play your opponents as well as the cards, help with bluffing, betting and making sure that you win more then you lose. There’s help for players of all levels whether you play with friends or online.

«We wanted to combine the depth and analysis that a magazine offers with the speed and accessibility of a website,» explains Tony Hetherington, Publisher of the new magazine. «The result is a website with a magazine style format that can report instantly on major events, while also having features and themes such as the poker special and provide a forum for reader’s views, opinions and comments.»

This new style of magazine will allow us to have a theme of the month and then fully explore it through news, reviews and features adding fresh content day after day and week after week.

Here are some of the features of the new

24 hour games news feeds

Game news, reviews and features

Exclusive downloads for members – including two poker ebooks to further improve your game

Games to play

You can have your say with chat, blogs, forums, polls and more.

Explore the World of Games or check out the entries in the Gaming Hall of Fame.

Gaming links

A marketplace to buy and sell games

(PRWEB) May 4, 2006 — Casino Rewards started doing business in 2000 when it launched 3 online casinos operating on the Microgaming software platform. Casino Rewards has now become a real heavyweight in the online gambling industry. It operates 12 online casinos and five online poker rooms. That is more than any other online gambling operator. The group’s growth has been fueled by two high profile acquisitions in the last six months, most notably that of the Captain Cooks Casino group. Well, known casino brands also include Blackjack Ballroom and Aztec Riches casino.

Independent Gambling Portal, Online Gambling Insider, certifies online casinos, sports betting sites and poker rooms. Certified operators go through rigorous testing to receive certification. Qualifying criteria include the corporate and financial backing of the operator, quality of customer service, game fairness (including player terms and conditions), games portfolio, financial processing and licensing. The most important factor taken into account when awarding a certificate is the player experience. Online Gambling Insider staff tests each casino as if real players, and over a period of time, every aspect of the casino or poker room’s operation is experienced first hand.

“Casino Rewards is highly regarded in gambling circles,” said Ryan D, founder, and editor of Online Gambling Insider. “If one considers that they were pioneers in this industry, awarding our certificate should be a formality”. However, none withstanding the history of the operator, Ryan insist that each certified casino is taken through the whole testing process. “In order to ensure the credibility of our certification process, we need to work on facts.” This involves thorough testing of the gambling operator. “We become real players, as we want to go through what a real player would experience. We deposit between $200 and $500, claim bonuses, and play a minimum of three games until the wager through requirement is met” said Ryan.

“One of the most important aspects is customer service, be it over the phone, or via E-mail and live chat. We test the knowledge of customer service reps through a variety of questions” Ryan continues. “Casino Rewards have honed their service process over the last five years, and you immediately realize that you are dealing with an experienced operator”.

Casino Rewards differentiates itself in three key ways: variety, promotions, and an integrated loyalty program. “The Casino Rewards loyalty program is a huge differentiator. In fact, they pioneered the concept of loyalty points across all of their sites accruing to a single account. You get to move up to bonus tiers quickly, and you don’t have to remain stuck at the same casino or poker room” Ryan adds.

All 12 casino and 5 poker rooms are now certified by Online Gambling Insider. This means that players are protected up to a maximum of $1,000 in deposits, should they ever have a problem. “We are confident that we won’t ever have to intervene and refund a player, but it is nice for people to know that there is an independent safety net.” Online Gambling Insider is an independent Online Gambling Portal and prides itself on delivering unique services to online gambling enthusiasts. Read more about the Casino Rewards Group and the benefits of certification by visiting the website.

Don Laughlin, the owner of a Nevada casino, has decided to freeze himself, along with 5 million of his casino-earned dollars. It may sound like a scene from a 2nd rate straight-to-video science fiction movie, but it’s actually true. More and more of America’s richest men are deciding to deep freeze themselves – and their financial assets. They’re paying great sums of money to have their bodies frozen at the moment of death, in the hopes of rising from the dead after technology advances further.

Laughlin was reported as saying that he believes it will give him a better chance of rising from the dead. The casino owner is expected to be defrosted with the rest of the frozen “vegetables” sometime during the 23rd century.

The deep freeze method, officially termed “cryonics,” was originally invented in the 19th century when several rich families dreaded the idea of having their money gulped down by taxes. Thanks to a loophole in inheritance laws, those who undergo the deep freeze process simply bequeath their assets to themselves, in a similar manner as they would to future grandchildren.

When calculating interests, casino owner Don Laughlin’s $5 million are expected to bulk up quite a bit. A private company that helps clients undergo the freezing process, offers a return of $8,677,000 on a $10,000 investment over 100 years.

The Valley, Anguilla (PRWEB) May 4, 2006 — Beginning May 1, 2006, Loveable Rogues Poker will be hosting a new daily $20,000 guaranteed rebuy MTT for only a $18 entry fee. This is only one of over 200 daily tournaments available at Loveable Rogues Poker. Entering just this one daily tournament guarantees $600,000 per month in prize money.

What better time to become a pro or at least a semi-pro. Win just 2% of the $600,000 and take home $12,000 per month. Not bad for a $18 entry fee.

Best of all, the tournaments at Loveable Rogues Poker are less time consuming. With blinds that advance every 8 minutes, most tournaments are over in just 3 or 4 hours. Plus, the Loveable Rogues Poker tournaments are not over-crowded. An average tournament has between 300 to 600 players. Thus, winning a piece of the $600,000 pie is easier.

Loveable Rogues Poker also proudly announces a new weekly $100,000 Guaranteed Rebuy MTT every Sunday for only $54. With these two tournaments, Loveable Rogues Poker guarantees $1 Million dollars a month in prize money. Winning only 1% of this prize pool will put $10,000 a month into a deserving Loveable Rogues Poker player’s bank account. Become that player.

Spend 3 or 4 hours a day “working” at something fun and challenging. A typical home game session lasts about this long. The typical home game player buys in for $50 to $100. But the home game will never provide a shot at $1 Million dollars.

Loveable Rogues Poker is proud to announce the addition of these two new tournaments to it’s outstanding lineup of quality poker tournaments.

Before making a decision to bet and register with an online casino, the first thing you need to do is determine how to maximize online casino offers.

Most novice players read the fine prints of the agreement but fail to pay attention to some important aspects such as cashing out restrictions, payout rates, and maximum sign-up incentives. In the long run, these factors will play an important role in the computation of your bonus.

Here are some guidelines on making sure that you can truly make the most out of your online gambling deals.

The first important tip is to make a responsible investment. In the end, your online casino bonus would be determined by the amount of your deposit as well as the number of times you need to roll over the bonus prior to withdrawing your winnings.

This factor should be top priority when trying to compare offerings from various casinos. Spend some time searching for the deal that would provide you with the highest return of investment. Likewise, you need to ensure that it is reflective of your commitment to online gambling.

Next, take advantage of technology. While it may not be important, a lot of gamblers realize the importance of online calculators in helping them maximize online casino offers. The program may vary from one product to another but the computation does not change. An analysis of various casino bonus data according to specific criteria can be helpful in calculating the odds in games such as blackjack, roulette, and craps.

In addition, you need to search for programs that offer incentives to high rollers or loyal customers. If you have the budget to gamble huge amount of money, do not spend too much time on games or machines that would yield small returns. Choose an online casino that is particularly designed to meet the demands of high rollers like you. These gambling websites give out high roller incentives to consistent gamblers.

Moreover, gambling websites likewise offer regular members with VIP schemes and loyalty bonuses, some of which are handed out on a weekly or monthly basis. In fact, some online casinos offer loyalty bonuses amounting to 25 bucks weekly which is equivalent to $2,400 dollars worth of free cash a year.

Lastly, one final criterion that you need to look for in order to maximize your online casino offers is the reload bonus. Find out how you can qualify for a $10 reload bonus whenever you fund your online account.

Since its inception, the Internet has become a powerful tool for gaining a profit by taking advantage of various money-making schemes presented on the Internet. Online gambling is one of the most popular activities that can generate additional income for the player. Nowadays, one can see a surge in the number of online casinos providing people with an opportunity to make money while enjoying their favorite casino games such as poker or blackjack.

For most gambling websites, their primary thrust is to make money as well. In order for these online casinos to do that, they need to convince people to visit and play on their site. With the competition in the online gambling industry becoming stiff, these sites need to survive amidst the adversaries. One of the best ways they can attract gamblers is through online casino offers.

At the onset, novice players have apprehensions about signing up with gambling websites because of the risks involved. It is important to bear in mind that money revolves in these online casinos thus making it prone to fraud and other illegal activities. In order to prove that their site is safe and reliable, online casino operators provide various money deals to help newcomers decide whether to sign up with them or not.

There are varied options at the disposal of the gambler. Initially, online casinos would give gamblers the chance to have a first-hand experience of their site by providing them with free money to work with. This will help the gambler familiarize themselves with how the site works, the games it offers, and the terms and conditions for becoming a member.

In addition, additional money is given to gamblers who signs up and makes their first deposit to a gambling website. This offer may vary from one online casino to another. The most common practice is for the site to match the amount of the initial deposit of the gambler.

Moreover, one can likewise look forward to receiving periodic incentives which may include loyalty bonuses, rakebacks, or monthly freebies. In other casinos where online tournaments are held, for example, the prize at stake is usually an amount equivalent to the buy-in fee of a particular match be it in poker or blackjack.

One disadvantage of online casino deals is that most of them have terms and conditions. You will not be eligible to receive an incentive or promo until the requirements set forth are met. In any case, online casino offers can give you a guarantee of having a great time and emerging as a future winner.